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Stone Grill

About Stone Grill


Stone Grill is an excellent offer for those of you who would like to taste of our grilled delights surrounded with fresh air, having the pleasure of viewing the Botanical Park. Half­open construction of the grill enables you to feast even in bad weather.

Grill is open on weekends and holidays during summer season ­ there is a possibility of booking the grill exclusively to organize a feast.

 Up to 60 people can enjoy themselves at the tables of the Stone Grill and the longest table in Greater Poland made out of a single piece of wood.  


The Architecture Of The Stone Grill


Grill is almost entirely built from recycled elements. Walls are made out of chopped sandstone, the so called “murak” and finished off with full window sandstone frames recovered together with forged threaded bars. Front has a stone portal, which has been enhanced with 300­year­old doors. West wall includes a row of cast iron windows recovered from a ruined cowhouse originally standing in the town of Tarnowo. They have been glassed with pig iron, which comes from 1950s of the 20th century and was recovered after a deconstruction of a greenhouse. A couple of colourful modern stained glass windows have been injected between the small visors. While the wood in the walls and rafters comes from the remains of a barn in Tarnowo, the main supporting beam and pillars are the elements of the old windmill located in Pyzdry. Ceiling planks are from the original barn attic once located in Tarnowo. Roof has been covered with 100­year­old dark demolition roof tiles. Chimney and the floors are built from red bricks from demolition.

Separate attention should be directed towards the stove, which combines the features of a grill, a bread stove, a smokehouse and a drying chamber. Chamotte brick taken from Bydgoszcz and a full oversized brick from collapsed buildings in Promno were used in its construction. Flue has been covered with traditional neat plaster and decorated with old steel anchors. It was vented with old ceramic draining pipes. Doors were made from remade old cast­iron roof hatches from Zbąszyń.


A wooden table stands right next to the Stone Grill ­ its countertop is made out of a one single oak log measuring 10,5m in length. Over 25 people can sit at this singular plank. A hand over counter next to the grill was made from a similar solid oak wood. Planks coming from the oldest, recently demolished, house in Biskupice serve as the front of the counter. They are from 1777. Ceiling of the Stone Grill is decorated with two chandeliers made out of old products of rural blacksmithing ­ iron wheel hoops from Jagodno, anchors and hinges from a barn in Tarnowo, old horseshoes from Jarocin. The whole decoration of the building is inspired by the old forge ­ beams are nailed with a collection of blacksmithing tools and old bellows. Walls are guarded by old anvils, vices, table drills and other objects. Most of them come from Greater Poland ­ specifically from Zbąszyń.


Grill Menu


At the Stone Grill we are delighted to offer a special grill menu. Friendly service distributes our famous soup made from fermented rye (żurek), rich goulash soup, delicious sausages, juicy chuck, delicate chicken breast in two marinades and on top of that you get roasted potatoes with herbal butter, thick slices of bread with lard and dill pickle, fresh salads, ice cream desserts, coffee and other beverages. All meat is being cooked and carved in front of the Guests.


You are cordially invited!




Siedem Drzew

ul. Krótka 24
62-007 Biskupice Wlkp.



Phone number: 664 912 316



Phone number: 537 025 974


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