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Botanical Park

About The Park

Seven Trees Botanical Park covers an area of 2.5 ha. Geographically, it is located on the south end of Biskupice village, while geologically being on the fringes of the glacial valley of the Cybina river. It was created in stages ­ beginning in the middle of 50s up till now. The pattern of the land represents a glacial landscape ­ barely elevated sandur moraine as well as a basin filled with water in the middle part.

The variety of the landscape has been achieved through groundworks ­moving a couple of hillocks and enhancing the creek flumes. Park consists of several thematic garden connected with each other with an entanglement of gravel paths. We tried our best to maximize the multiplication of the space ­ there is no shortage of nooks and lanes which bring surprising changes to the landscape. Effect is compounded by the sheer variety of species and types of arborescent plants, shrubs, perennials and onion plants ­ more than several hundred taxons. Many elements of garden architecture can be found on premises of the park ­ gazebos, trellises, benches and water elements ­ cascades, creek and fountains.

The park is watered with an expanded watering system. At night one can admire the artificial lighting of the park ­ specifically the most important alleyways and surroundings of the gazebos. The composition presents a gradual character of the process of creation of the park as well as fashionable eclecticism due to its hybrid of styles. The building of the guesthouse and stone grill naturally flow with the park, creating a harmonious whole.


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